About Us

The Power of Design Thinking

At the Design Academy, we have long believed that design and design thinking are powerful engines of economic value. Too powerful, in fact,to be limited to the end of the planning process, tasked with making prescribed solutions “look good”.

What if organizations employed design thinking up front, using its creative power to drive planning efforts instead of simply responding to them? Doing so would require new methods, tools anatytic frameworks. And it would demand a new breed of proffessionals to apply these methods practitioners who could identify customer needs, think strategically about the options and innovate rapidly to create new offerings with sustained value.

Effective Design methods that work in any field

The ability to reliability invent new offerings and have them succeed is a rare skill-but one that can be taught. Our practice has made KELTRON the acknowledged leader in this new discipline.Our curriculum exposes students to over 100 design methods and tools, and trains students to apply. Them in fields like Interior Design and Architecture Design Advertising.